Sample Chapters from my Novels

I started writing at a young age. Both novels which have been reworked after years, due to the accessibility of internet and, of course, time which alters your perspective to some degree. Not that I don’t write now, I do. Yet these two novels, after ‘farming’ out to friends in various backgrounds and walks in life, have proven powerful reading, even from those who are in the field of archaeology and those who do not generally read this genre of fiction. After a lifetime of writing, either poetry or prose/novels, I’ve finally decided (perhaps due to circumstances) that I should embark on that long journey of ‘getting-my-work-published’.

From imagination, from experience and based on my research and studies, I want to bring these works alive and to readers who might appreciate my writing for being (perhaps) different from the usual. Whether based on history, from a psychological response to life, or based on emotion and ancient folklore, both novels are unique in their way.

‘Where the Child Lies’ is centred on the Romano Celtic history of Britain, transposing this on the modern psychology of various character’s foibles.

‘The Glass Apple’ deals with the interconnection of folklore and history which connects Glastonbury and Wales, interspersing this with the ‘modern’ relationships of two people and those of a more questionable nature.

Here I introduce both novels with their initial Prologue/Chapters but will post various chapters which will give more of a flavour of each novel and based on the responses of my readers.

I hope you are intrigued.