Taliesan & The Silver Bough

The poets (fili) were part of the caste of the druid class (scholars, priests, judges, etc). These fili were closely in touch with the Otherworld. The chief symbol or regalia of their office was the musical bough which they carried in their possession.

The highest order of this class, the Ollamh, was entitled to a golden bough, the Anruth (second highest) a silver bough and finally the lower classes, a bronze bough. These branches were hung with bells which rang when they rode or entered a hall, disposing listeners to attend to their songs, stories and mystical revelations.

The Silver Bough

The most famous of the Anruth was the Welsh Taliesan. Although according to legend he was made the Chief Ollamh and head of the Council by his foster grandfather/father Gwynudd, he did not carry the golden bough but preferred the silver bough.

Thus through the symbolism of the Silver Bough, it's attending cycles of song, poetry, story and mysticism, our company The Silver Bough adopts it's name.