About The Silver Bough

The Silver Bough was conceived in the turbulent Summer of 2009. It was born of a seed of inspiration which was founded in the desire not only to create something beautiful but to return some magik into the lives of people.

The original concept was of Norse runes, simply but carefully interpreted in fine silver. As is the creed of the creators, everything must be natural, handmade and as perfect as possible. This concept expanded into the idea of pebble rune sets. These would be natural, would not chip and would absorb not only the nature of runes but of nature itself, therefore imbibing them with a power of the earth and of the user.

pebble runes

The silver runes are not just fine jewellery, they are the devices of the sacred tradition of the original runes and imbibed with a ‘charge’ which makes each rune unique and will bring the wearer what they will interpret the actual rune to represent based on the original ‘meanings’ or their own ideals. We currently use three Runic alphabets: The Elder Futhark, the Younger Futhark and those as used by Joanne Harris in her novel ‘Runemarks’.

The idea came of a dream. No firm reason. Just a dream founded by necessity as, no longer in the system, we needed to start to create and share with the world. Initially we used random runes, but after showing photos of the rune making process to a friend, Joanne Harris, whose book Runemarks was based on Icelandic Norse mythology and rune system, her delight inspired us to concentrate on authentic Norse runes. After reading her book the whole plan came into perspective - something unknown which bloomed into something understood. A little magik became a path.

The Silver Bough will eventually be branching out into Ogham, Celtic, Norse and primarily ancient Western designs, along with original creations. It can be what you want it to be. Most pieces will be bespoke. You decide what you want. But be guaranteed, every piece is made with painstaking care and love, the finest quality materials, finishes and magik. It is up to you. If you have a special request for a symbol we will do our best to create this for you.

Silver Rune Pendant

All silver runes are 99.9% pure silver and can be optionally hallmarked if desired. If a piece weighs over 7.78g we will ensure in accordance with legal policies that it will be hallmarked. Each piece will differ as they are hand made. Do not expect High Street production line perfection. This is not what we do. Pebble runes are either sourced by ourselves or will be high quality polished pebbles (which some people prefer). They are tactile and natural.

The Silver Bough name is derived from the branch carried by the highest order of Bards (Anruth). It represents an icon which brought people together and silenced them to listen, to learn, to dream.

So look at our site and dream.

pebble runes

Tony Cook was born in South London. He had a limited background in the arts and crafts. His interest in history and myths brought him in contact with Becca Maravolo. After a long lasting friendship this endeavour has opened his paths and he has learned to become an artisan. His contribution to The Silver Bough has helped to make it a reality.

Tony Cook

Becca Maravolo was made redundant in 2009 after a life of working. Due to a disability she was unable to go back into a system which now could no longer serve her needs. She turned to her creative background and with Tony Cook, co-founded The Silver Bough.

Becca Maravolo

The Silver Bough is about finding your road and making your mark, sharing with others the magik you find, the beauty of history and myths and those things that can last forever. It is about friendship and friends. Each item sold is not just a product it is a labour of love (blood, sweat and tears) so each of you is a friend.

No ideals here or dogmas. Everyone who looks at our site has their reasons. Some will see magik in the pieces. Some people will simply find something they desire. It is up to you.
We strive for the finest of quality and workmanship but the underlying creed is a little magik in your lives. Everyone has their own piece.